Urban Simplex - Part I


 Urban Simplex - Part I

Changes to construction works exempt from prior control.

The following changes came into force on January 1st:

The following are exempt from prior control:

  • Interior work without alterations to the structure, façade or roof;
  • Interior works with structural alterations, with a statement of responsibility for the alteration;
  • Reconstruction and extension works with an increase in the number of floors and floor area, provided that the height of the façade is maintained;
  • Coercive construction work;
  • Urban planning operations preceded by favorable prior information (under Article 14, numbers 2 and 3);
  • Demolition of illegal buildings;
  • Allotment operations in a detailed plan area with registration effects;
  • Replacement of 'opening materials', provided they have an 'identical exterior finish', in order to improve energy efficiency (the exceptions for protected properties are maintained);
  • Urban planning or subdivision operations promoted by local authorities, their associations, municipal and inter-municipal companies;

Urban planning or subdivision operations promoted by the state, public institutes, public real estate funds, universities, polytechnics and public companies, aimed at:

  • public facilities and public use;
  • port and airport infrastructures;
  • housing;
  • social facilities (residences for students, the elderly, temporary accommodation, crèches);
  • industrial and logistics parks;
  • facilities for safeguarding the state's cultural heritage and housing stock;
  • housing developed by housing cooperatives;
  • housing developed by a private entity as a result of a tendering procedure with the transfer of public land.

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